Master Ayub Park School Assistance

Project: Financial, physical & moral support
Year Initiated: 2015
Scope of Work: Financial assistance in running of school, in-kind donations
Current Status: Ongoing
Expenses: Through donations


Project Detail

Master Ayub Park School is a unique project being run by a selfless man, Muhammad Ayub Khan, better known as Master Ayub, in Sector F-6, Islamabad for the past 30 years. It is a free evening school that is being run under a tree in a public park.

Master Ayub initially started teaching a small group of approximately 10 children of katchi abadis. Over the years, hundreds of underprivileged children have graduated from this open-air school, located in a public park. Master Ayub sponsors his students to get further education from universities also.

Master Ayub with the help of his students and donations provided by different people, has been able to get some area in the nearby katchi abadi (slum areas). In this piece of land, he made a small school building. The building is currently just a skeleton of three rooms with the roofs made up of iron sheets. The school needs funds for infrastructure, furniture and electricity supplies.

Team As-Siraat shares the vision of Master Ayub that that no child should be left behind. We believe that every boy and girl should be empowered with a good education. Therefore, As-Siraat joined hands with Master Ayub, when we found out that his remarkable project was in need of manpower and funds to grow further, Many NGOs and members of civil society come to visit the school often and provide small-scale help, but they are not sufficing the real needs of the school. MAPS Project needs dedicated helping hands to aid them in building up and running a proper school.

It is an honour for As-Siraat Trust to be collaborating with Master Ayub for the improvisation and proper functioning of his school, aiming to take it to the next level. As-Siraat has been providing support to Master Ayub at different levels.

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Bank Detail for Donations
Account #:   01481006861337
IBAN:   PK82ALFH0148001006861337
Bank:   Bank Alfalah
Branch:   F-8, Islamabad
Master Ayub Park School
Volunteer for teaching at MAPS
Sponsor tuition fees of students
Sponsor monthly stipends of students and teachers
Donate for construction of school building
Donate for stationery and bags

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