Medical Assistance Fund

Project: Charitable
Year Initiated: March 2020
Scope of Work: Partial or complete assistance in paying medical bills
Current Status: Ongoing (as needed)
Expenses: Through donations
Patients supported: 23


Project Detail

As-Siraat Trust operates a Medical Assistance Fund, through which financial help is extended to patients who cannot afford the cost of their treatment. Each case is verified completely, and the medical expenses are completely or partially covered by the Fund, depending on the details of the case and affordability of the patient. The fund covers the cost of medicines and surgical procedures also.

The Medical Assistance Fund has so far helped to alleviate the pain and suffering of hundreds of poor and desperate patients all over Pakistan.
Bank Detail for Donations
Account #:   01481006861337
IBAN:   PK82ALFH0148001006861337
Bank:   Bank Alfalah
Branch:   F-8, Islamabad

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