Sewing Machine Project

Project: Charitable
Year Initiated: January 2015
Scope of Work: Sewing machine donation to needy women
Current Status: Ongoing (as needed)
Expenses: Through donations

Project Detail

We have an example in the life of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) where he gave money to a poor man to buy a rope and an axe and start cutting and selling wood instead of begging for alms. The same philosophy of empowerment is operating behind As-Siraat Trust’s Sewing Machine Project.

This project aims to empower deserving women and their families to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and helplessness. It maintains the self-respect of the recipients and enables them to become financially independent and secure rather than always being dependent on others. It initiates the spark of hard work in the recipients, and provides them an opportunity to help in supporting their households.

Sewing machines are donated to deserving women in different cities of Pakistan. It is thoroughly verified that the recipients are genuinely in need, know the art of sewing and show the willingness and drive to earn through sewing.

As-Siraat Team contacts the beneficiaries after three months to check out their progress. We are pleased to have come across several amazing success stories so far. Several women have started small-scale tailoring businesses. Some are supplementing the income of male breadwinners; some are the sole breadwinners of their families because of death or drug addiction of male members. All the recipients develop increased confidence and self-respect after they start earning for their families, and their financial situation becomes stable.

It is always heartening for us to see that there is one less family that now needs to spread out hands and ask for charity. As C.S. Lewis said:
“The proper aim of giving is to put the recipient in a state where he no longer needs our gift.”
The fairer sex is the weaker sex, and becomes especially vulnerable in the context of poverty. Through economic empowerment of women, this project aims to solve several social issues stemming from gender exploitation. Women deserve to be financially secure. Providing them this security solves other secondary issues stemming from their economic vulnerability. The school also has swings and a big playground for students to play in break time and designated periods. Games and physical exercises are also conducted for physical fitness and mental growth of students. A wide range of sports activities including cricket, football, badminton and athletics, are also offered by the school.

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Bank Detail for Donations
Account #:   01481006861337
IBAN:   PK82ALFH0148001006861337
Bank:   Bank Alfalah
Branch:   F-8, Islamabad
Sewing Machine Project
Sponsor a sewing machine Rs. 4500
Donate new or old sewing machines

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Rabia Fatima
Rabia Fatima is the daughter of a security guard with a meager income, Rabia could not continue her studies after matriculation, due to financial restraints. Within three months of receiving a sewing machine, Rabia started getting stitching orders from her neighborhood, in addition to stitching for her own family. Her father is pleased to have some financial burden lifted off his shoulders and feels proud to have his daughter support him.
Eighteen year old Tasneem is the daughter of a poor labourer, residing in a village near Sargodha. She is the eldest of five siblings. Tasneem could not continue her education after 5th class due to financial constraints. The economic burdens of her family forced her to work as a maid in Islamabad at a young age. However her mother’s ill health made her return back to her hometown. Luckily, a neighbour taught her stitching and sewing, which opened the doors of financial wellbeing for her. With her own sewing machine awarded by As-Siraat Welfare Trust, Tasneem has started working as a seamstress, from within the security of her house, getting orders from ladies on a regular basis. She has made her parents proud and contributed in lifting their burden, which was made possible with the possession of her own sewing machine.
Mrs. Imtiaz
Mrs. Imtiaz is a resident of a village in Sargodha district. She got widowed when her husband met a fatal road accident. To bring up her three young children and make both ends meet, Imtiaz worked as a maid in various houses. Unfortunately, the meager income was not enough to sustain her family well. As Imtiaz is already skilled in stitching, she was overjoyed to receive a sewing machine from As-Siraat Welfare Trust. She plans to start her own small-scale tailoring business and hopes that its surplus income lifts her financial burdens.
Mrs. Farzana
Mrs Farzana is a resident of Barakahu, Islamabad. Her husband is a drug addict. She worked as a maid, but the salary was never sufficient to feed her five young children. Fortunately, Farzana recently completed a certificate course in sewing. With her own sewing machine awarded by As-Siraat Welfare Trust, she now earns a respectable income as a seamstress and single-handedly bears the financial burden of her family.
Nineteen year old Kausar is a resident of Rawalpindi. She had to discontinue her education after 8th class, when her father had a paralysis attack. The family makes both ends meet with great hardship. Kausar’s mother works as maid, and earns a meager income. Kausar has recently taken training in stitching from a relative. With her own sewing machine, she can now hone her stitching skills and contribute to lift the family’s financial burden.

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