What We Do

Grow Humanity & Kindness

What We Do

Grow Humanity & Kindness



As-Siraat Foundation has been involved in educational endeavours from its inception. A silent revolution is underway in Ahmedpur East with the establishment of As-Siraat Public School. Meritorious students are facilitated through Merit Scholarship Fund also.



As-Siraat Foundation aims to prevent the suffering caused by inability to access quality diagnostic and treatment facilities. Dar Al Shifa is under-construction at Ahmedpur East; Medical Assistance Fund is also operating in this regard.



Ramadan is the annual season of generosity for Muslims all over the globe. As-Siraat Trust also intensifies its charitable activities in Ramadan and makes concerted effort to spread smiles through the Ramadan Charity Program.



Helping a poor person to stand on his own feet is far better than throwing alms at him. As-Siraat’s Sewing Machine Project empowers women to earn a respectable living from the comfort of their homes.


Community Service

As-Siraat Foundation is always at the forefront of all activities that can benefit the local community. The team members remain active in various projects which can spread joy and create ease for the people.


Go Green

As-Siraat Foundation is passionate about keeping the environment clean and green. The team advocates for a no-plastic lifestyle. Tree plantation drives, cleanliness drives and environment awareness walks are organized regularly.

It is only through the provision of education that we can touch lives forever. There may be many temporary short-term fixes, but education is the real, long-term solution to the problems plaguing us as a nation. 

The founders of As-Siraat Trust focused on spreading the light of knowledge by whatever means possible. Team members put in efforts to promote education by conducting Quran classes at universities, delivering beneficial talks at orphanages and hospitals, and providing free home tuitions to underprivileged children. The founders of the Trust dreamt of establishing a top-quality educational institute which would serve the underprivileged sections of society.  

The dream materialized in the form of As-Siraat Public School, a free-of-cost, English-medium school established in the remote area of Ahmedpur East (near Bahawalpur) in 2012. The school is providing the finest quality of education, along with free supply of books, copies and stationery.  Through provision of free quality education at par with any good urban school, As-Siraat Public School aims to empower the underprivileged population of Ahmedpur East to overcome socio-economic barriers and become a part of mainstream Pakistan.

As-Siraat Trust has also collaborated with the legendary Master Ayub to secure the future of the poor children of Islamabad. Master Ayub has been running a school for poor children in a public park in F-6 since almost three decades. Team As-Siraat is collaborating with Master Ayub for the improvisation and proper functioning of his school, aiming to take it to the next level and enabling more children to benefit from it.

As-Siraat Trust is also running a Superstar Merit-based Scholarship Program through which education of exceptionally bright but non-affording students is sponsored. The students must fulfill the requirements of selection criteria. Their progress is also monitored regularly.

Advancement of quality healthcare facilities has been a dream of the As-Siraat Trust team. This dream is well on its way to fruition with the groundbreaking ceremony of Dar Al Shifa.  The ceremony took place in July 2020, in Ahmedpur East (near Bahawalpur).

There is an acute shortage of good diagnostic facilities and qualified practicing doctors in Ahmadpur East. The plight of poverty-stricken patients can be witnessed at the under-equipped and overcrowded hospitals of the area.

As-Siraat Trust has envisioned to establish As-Siraat Dar Al Shifa, a micro hospital with state-of-the-art, international standard primary care and diagnostic services. The aim is to provide subsidized, international standard diagnostic services and treatment to the people of the area. Patients will have access to multiple qualified and specialized doctors under one roof. Treatment center having a dialysis unit will also be established. The first floor will be dedicated to providing comprehensive mother and child care facilities.

As Siraat Dar Al Shifa will provide international standard comprehensive and affordable health services, while striving for excellence, efficiency and compassion for all. We aim to create an excellence-driven healthcare system accessible to all.

In addition, As-Siraat Trust maintains a Medical Assistance Fund, through which financial help is provided to cover partial or complete cost of medical expenditure of non-affording patients.

It is the revered month of mercy and brotherhood in which Muslims are encouraged to increase in charity and all good deeds.

Ramadan Charity Program has been a regular annual feature of As-Siraat Trust since 2012.  The tradition continues each year in the holy month of Ramadan and on the joyous occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Ration packs containing all basic groceries, and new clothes for Eid are distributed to an increasing number of needy families in various cities of Pakistan each year. Iftar arrangements are also made on a large scale at various masjids. The surreal feeling that comes with warming the hearts of those less-privileged is something that money cannot buy.

Charity should be empowering, not demeaning.  The wise, old Chinese proverb states: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

As-Siraat’s Sewing Machine Project is a unique project that maintains the self-respect of the recipients and enables them to become financially independent and secure rather than always being dependent on others. It initiates the spark of hard work in the recipients, and provides them an opportunity to help in supporting their households. 

One sewing machine per month is delivered to a deserving woman. It is verified that the recipient is genuinely in need, knows the art of sewing and shows the desire to earn through sewing. As-Siraat Team contacts the beneficiaries after three months to check out their progress.   

One of the very first projects of As-Siraat Trust was the donation of a roti plant to an orphanage. Over the years, community service projects undertaken include visits to orphanages and children wards of hospitals to distribute gifts and snacks, renovation of masjid, donation of essential medicines and equipments to hospitals and refugees, and electric water cooler installations.

We remain committed to helping our community whenever and wherever the need arises. We believe that we owe this to those who are less fortunate, whose eyes await our succor.   We believe in empowering the underprivileged people through providing them opportunities to earn their own livelihood in a respectable manner. We also take the responsibility of providing immediate assistance to the poor and needy, until they can become self-sufficient. Our team is always committed to provide physical or financial assistance during natural or accidental disasters as well.

There are so many meaningful ways each of us can contribute towards the preservation of our environment for ourselves and our future generations.


Cleanliness drives and tree plantation drives are organized by As-Siraat Trust. Awareness walks are also held to motivate people to adopt a no-plastic lifestyle. Cloth bags are designed and distributed amongst the people.

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