Logo Rationale

As-Siraat logo portrays the spirit of serving humanity through the three icons of book, money & the helping hand and three people with joined hands. The clean, square boxes portray the three distinct, sharp-edged and in-focus areas of As-Siraat. The logo is a precise message to let everybody know about the vision and mission of As-Siraat.

The book

In the top orange box, book illustrates that education is a key tool in order to reduce the vulnerable position of millions of people around the world.

Money and the helping hand

 In green box, the helping hand is providing a hope for poverty alleviation. We believe that it is necessary to fulfil the basic human needs of people before we educate them.

Three people with joined hands

The second orange box illustrates the power of doing social service with togetherness. The goal of serving humanity can be better channelized and achieved if we work in unity. 

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